Bullying Prevention

Coudersport ASD does not tolerate bullying. Ever. If you are the victim of bullying or are a witness to bullying, please take action. We are here to help.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is when individuals intentionally harm others. It comes in many forms, including hitting, name-calling, gossip, exclusion, and cyberbullying (text messaging, posts on social media sites, etc.).

You Aren't Alone

Help is available. If you have been bullied:

  • Tell an adult.

  • Tell a friend.

  • Remember that it is not your fault.

If you know or suspect your child is a victim of bullying:

  • Talk with your child.

  • Work with school teachers and administration.

  • Identify an adult at school your child can trust.

  • Document and report it.

  • Help your child form new friendships.

  • Help your child learn how to react.

  • Work with other parents.

Report Bullying

We take bullying seriously. To report bullying, please talk with a trusted adult or report the incident(s) by completing this form. Prefer to remain anonymous? That’s okay too.

Additional Resources

Talk to someone, learn the signs, and learn how to keep yourself or your child safe from physical, verbal, or online bullying.