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Library Class Projects

Second Grade Projects - Classes chose an American symbol to research and create a paragraph.  Each student then chose a sentence to illustrate for the presentation.  Watch what they created below.

Third Grade Projects - Classes chose a natural landmark to research together and created a presentation.  

Fourth Grade Projects - Classes studied the Underground Railroad with their homeroom teachers this year.  In library class we used resources from the Potter County Historical Society to find out about local people who were abolitionists and conductors, as well as buildings that were important on the Underground Railroad, and what Coudersport looked like in those times.  We used GoogleMaps to look at certain known locations and compared the roads to the county roadmaps of the 1850s.  We also studied primary and secondary sources related to this topic.  Ask your child to tell you about the Mann family from Coudersport.

Fifth Grade Projects - Classes were asked where would they go on their "Dream Vacation."  They created a slideshow using Buncee to show me.  They had to include at least three places they would go or things they would do, describe the weather in their location, and explain what kind of currency is used in their location (if it was in the U.S. they would tell me another place or thing they would do on their vacation).  Ask your child to sign in to Buncee to view what they came up with.

Sixth Grade Projects - We did several research projects this school year.  In sixth grade I focus on research.  This includes finding good sources of information, evaluating those sources, taking notes, putting what you learn about a topic into your own words, and citing the sources where you find your information.  Ask your child to show you their Famous Person research project or their GoogleSlideshow on a place in Washington, DC.  They are both in their GoogleDrive.