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IU9 Reading Competition

Fall 2017 Reading Competition
We will travel to Bradford on November 16th.  Read, read, read to be ready!!

Spring 2016 Reading Competition
The Book Squirrels and Rockin' Readers are two teams that represented Coudersport Elementary School at the IU 9 Spring Book Competition in March.  Eleven teams from around our IU were battling for the top 3 spots.  The Book Squirrels placed 4th and the Rockin' Readers tied for 6th place.  

Fall 2015 Reading Competition

Two teams from Coudersport Elementary School traveled to Bradford for the IU 9 Fall Reading Competition on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, to battle against 10 teams.

Winning a third place in the competition was the Book Hogs team consisting of (back row) Dylan Hajzus, team captain Aubri Thompson, Sawyer Batterson, Emma Chambers, Lauren Ross, (front row) Bella Homberg, Leah Lazurek, Savannah Myers, Kyle Dunn, and Xander Brown.


The Speedy Readers team consisted of (back row) Lili Larsen, team captain Emma Saulter, Brandon Stimaker, Killian Ramsey, Lilah Husson, (front row) Brielle Frair, Leah Larsen, Madyson Dubots-Angood, Onica Gamet, Savannah Gill, and Arianna Ettinger. 


To compete, each team must work together to read over 40 books and answer detailed questions about each book.  Schools can send students to compete at the elementary (grades 4-6), middle school (grades 6-8), or high school (grades 9-12) levels. The competition is hosted at Fretz Middle School in Bradford, PA.

  • Spring 2015

    Posted by Krista Batterson at 3/23/2015

    Way to go Coudy!  On March 19, 2015, two teams from Coudersport Elementary School competed in the IU9 Reading Competition held at Fretz Middle School in Bradford.  The Spine Crushers team earned a 1st place finish with 51 points and the Book Warriors team earned a 2nd place finish with 50 points.

    Spine Crushers

    Spine Crushers Team - 1st Place Finisher

    Back Left to Right:  Dylan Hajzus, Brandon Goss, Rosalyn Page, team captain Raine Ramsey, Aubri Thompson, Rory Batson, Ethan Kisiel

    Front Left to Right:  Brielle Frair, Ava Wahlers, Lilah Husson, Emma Chambers. Xander Brown


    Book Warriors

    Book Warriors Team - 2nd Place Finisher

    Back Left to Right:  Damon Empson, Noah Baker, Sarah Chambers, team captain Dalton Keglovits, Joshua Ross

    Middle Left to Right:  Brandon Stimaker, Sawyer Batterson, Killian Ramsey, David Empson

    Front Left to Right:  Adia Grinnell, Arianna Ettinger, Lilianna Larsen

  • Fall 2014 Team

    Posted by Krista Batterson at 1/3/2015

    Floyd C. Fretz Middle School in Bradford  hosted the IU 9 Fall Book Competition on November 20th.  Each team that competes has to read approximately 42 books and answer detailed questions from each selection in a team format.  Coudersport Elementary School sent two teams to compete. 

     1st team

    The Spine Crusher team earned an impressive 1st place.  This team consisted of (back row left to right) Aubri Thompson, Noah Baker, team captain, Sarah Chambers, Brandon Goss, Dalton Keglovits, Kaylee VanWhy, (front row left to right) Ava Wahlers, Brielle Frair, Arianna Ettinger, and Ethan Kisiel.

    The Book Shredders team came in 2nd place and consisted of (back row left to right) Raine Ramsey, team captain, Rosalyn Page, Andrew Page, Sawyer Batterson (front row left to right) Killian Ramsey, David Empson, Emma Chambers, and Rory Batson. 

  • Spring 2014 Team

    Posted by Krista Batterson at 4/3/2014
    Spring 2014 Team

    Two teams from Coudersport Elementary School traveled to Bradford for the IU 9 Spring Reading Competition on Thursday, March 6, 2014.




    The Book Sharks team (shown in the back row) consisted of Aristotle Smith, Kolby VanWhy, Dillon Keglovits, Emily Smith, Hannah Taylor (team captain), Sarah Chambers, Claudia Miller, Aubri Thompson, Brenna Miller, and Rosalyn Page.




    The Amazingly Spectacular Readers team (shown in front row) consisted of Emma Saulter, Kaylee VanWhy, Mariah Gooch, Dalton Keglovits, Ethan Kisiel, Kaiden Cracknell, Amanda Ayers, Lauren Stimaker (team captain), and Hope Daisley. 




    Missing from picture:  Damon Empson and Kimberly Johnson.